A question raised to me today… “Are those living in the illusion happy?”

The answer here starts from the definition of “happy”. Can happiness come from this materialistic world and can we place our happiness in everything these possessions have to offer? Are those that are unaware, asleep and living unconsciously truly happy? Maybe they are, for their own definition, and it is not our place to tell them otherwise. That we are right or they are wrong.

In this existence we retail therapy, we booze and binge seek the answers. We find happiness in ever changing temporary objects thinking that this is “happy”. If that be the case, surely as these elements change, which they absolutely do, therefore if we can define them as objects that make us happy, surely just as much as they have the power to do that, they in turn have the power to take it away and make us quite the opposite. Its a thought, but one that you can see when you are ready. Buy a nice car, have a lovely home, get a great job, go shopping at the weekend, spend time with your friends just don’t rest your being and happiness on it all. the way in  which we see the world shapes HOW we see it, that comes from our lens of vision and filter. Our perspective shapes how we see and hear the world, if that internal vantage point is happy then surely we cannot rest that fate into external factors, only just learn to enjoy them without attachment.

It is not our place to judge, to pity or even try to shine light on this illusion or disillusion. But just as we must learn to accept ourselves and let the awareness grow internally , we must allow this process in others. You will be met with aggression, denial, frustration and fear, but know that that is where it is coming from, fear. Forgive that fear, love that fear and nurture that fear. You can lead people to the bridge but you cannot make them cross it. Shine your light, be as bright as you can be, as long as you are, only then can that light seep into the darkness and create cracks into this plane.

The trick here is not to disconnect, the reality is we do live in this existence. This must be acknowledged and respected. Just as individuals are unique and special, everyone is allowed their own definition of “happy” and everyone is worthy of their own time to see the truth. By coming to our own awareness and understanding only then can we begin to see the habits of others and the attachments that we form. The “outs” we take and the choice we make. Living in a society of a quick fix, immediate gratification or a magic pill to make it all go away, we are forever placing our happiness in something which is always changing. That in itself will never bring true happiness, what we must learn is that the only constant is that everything is changing. When we can see this, accept it and learn that happiness is grown internally, its then that the happiness placed in possession, materials and the physical plane can be enjoyed with attachments and expectations.

This is where we live, money, power, greed, control will come with that. Clothes, fashion, trends, expectations, judgement, ego. Imagine learning the tools to get you through without the need for any of it. Allowing yourself to play the game, ride the waves and truly BE without the need to attach our happiness in everything that comes with this life, the ability to truly appreciate and acknowledge and accept the inevitable that everything changes. The answer here comes from with in. Its time to start looking, listening and learning.

Sasha Miljus

Sasha Miljus

It all started when… This is a question I have been asking myself for a very long time, please know that all my blogs may vary from topic to topic. It is just a girls mind on a journey and pursuit. My views may not be right, correct and sometimes might not always stick, its just brain flow from mind, to mouth, to paper continuing an ongoing education into this blessed existence.

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