Welcome back she said.

I shine because you too are shining.

Let your brightness glow and cascade your colours it bled.


Beauty radiates from within,

I see it in you.

Let your light shine,

and others will feel it too.


Your energy is your power,

your beauty is your gift.

Sing your song, dance your dance.

Hold me up, give me a lift.


Wear your heart on your sleeve.

The truth is pure.

I am naked for you,

Join me and together we can be sure.


Goodbye she said,

But only for now.

Rest your sleepy head and heal the soul.

Tomorrow we’ll shine, shine for them all.

Sasha Miljus

Sasha Miljus

It all started when… This is a question I have been asking myself for a very long time, please know that all my blogs may vary from topic to topic. It is just a girls mind on a journey and pursuit. My views may not be right, correct and sometimes might not always stick, its just brain flow from mind, to mouth, to paper continuing an ongoing education into this blessed existence.

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