Do you ever get that feeling of sheer love and joy when you watch a sunrise or sunset?


Why is it that as human beings we love to watch the sun rise and fall?

Capture the cascade of colours as it floods the sky.

Watching life silhouette against a palette of blues, pinks and golden yellows.


The rays of light that give hope and inspiration.

The silver lining to every cloud.


Is it that we like the notion that everything must begin, exist and end?

Or is it that no 2 are the same?


Each one completely beautifully unique in its own way, yet somehow all bound by one TRUE love.

Sasha Miljus

Sasha Miljus

It all started when… This is a question I have been asking myself for a very long time, please know that all my blogs may vary from topic to topic. It is just a girls mind on a journey and pursuit. My views may not be right, correct and sometimes might not always stick, its just brain flow from mind, to mouth, to paper continuing an ongoing education into this blessed existence.

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